Installation Instructions

LS-ERROR consists of one small Lotus Script library. It is available in form of the file lserror.lss that can be included or imported into existing Lotus Script code. In any case, at first please download the script and store it on a local drive:

Download lserror.lss


To include the library into a Lotus Script object, add the following line into your code and adjust the path to where you have saved the file:

%INCLUDE "D:\projects\lserror\src\lss\lserror.lss"


To import the library, create a new Lotus Script library, name it e.g. "lserror.lss". Go to the File menu and choose Import. Then select the downloaded file lserror.lss and press the Import button. Now a dialog appears that asks, if the (Option) event should be replaced: choose Yes to All. Now save the Library and use it in your code like this:

Use "lserror.lss"